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All of us are concerned about the future of the health care system.  UHCAN Ohio wants to assure that in this challenging time, we Make Health Morally Fair. Moral Fairness means everyone has equal access to health and we attain health equity.

To help everyone manage the vast information flow, UHCAN Ohio will put together a list of the partner resources related to the health care challenges and update the list on a weekly basis.

If your organization has resources or anything else to share, please send them to us at [email protected].

Save Medicaid, Save Lives Rally – July 5, Noon, Columbus Statehouse 

Ohio will host a Galvanize mini-summit August 12-13 in Columbus, training women to become leaders in their communities. Attendees will choose one of five tracks based on their interests to receive in-depth and skills-based training:

Political Candidates – Training developed by Vote, Run, Lead

Campaign Management – Training developed by Wellstone

Grassroots Organizing – Training developed by Midwest

Academy Leadership – Training developed by Bossed Up

Entrepreneurship – Training developed by BRAVA Investments

Are you ready to turn for passion for gender equity into action? Learn more and register online, at, a hub for progressive local #resist actions, designed for you to find any public event, rally, town hall, protest, and more, across issues in your state, as well as the information you need to contact your members of congress. 

our members of congress. 

Protect Health Care for Ohio and the Nation

Contact Senator Portman

Tell him he should not vote until there are full hearings on the bill.  He needs to thoughtfully consider all the information on a bill that will impact so many in Ohio.

Tell him Medicaid caps (cuts to Medicaid funding) are not acceptable and will cut coverage and benefits. It will hurt children, seniors, families, the working poor and those dealing with addiction.

Tell him that $45 Billion in an opioid grant will not make up for the damage done in cutting Medicaid and expansion.  $4.5 billion dollars a year for opioid treatment is not going to make up for the projected $18 billion spent on behavioral health in the Medicaid program.  Millions will lose access to addiction and mental health treatment and it ignores the need for prevention.


Cincinnati 513-684-3265

Cleveland 216-522-7095

Columbus 614-469-6774

Toledo 419-259-3895

Washington DC 202-224-3353



Use @StandUpAmerica’s fax tool to raise your voice in opposition to #Trumpcare:

Send a postcard

Senator Rob Portman

448 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Put a sign in your car, on your lawn or on your back. Send a letter to your newspaper.

Protect Medicaid in Ohio

The Ohio Legislature passed the budget bill to prohibit any new enrollees into Medicaid expansion.  It included hurtful work requirements and requirement to ask for the failed Healthy Ohio waiver again.  It would eliminate health care for hundreds of thousands of low-income workers and hurt communities struggling with addiction. We need to support a Governor’s veto.

Call Gov Kasich with your support (614) 466-3555.  Or send him a note at

Ask that he veto:

1.     the freeze on the expansion group enrollment

2.     the ill written work requirements and

3.     the requirement that Ohio apply for the previously rejected Healthy Ohio waiver

Call your state representative and your member of the Senate and tell them to keep Medicaid expansion in Ohio.  Tell them not to add work requirements. Find your member of the House.  Find your member of the Senate.

National Association of Medicaid Directors

USWCC Condemns Senate Healthcare Bill

The Columbus Dispatch: “GOP plan doomed to fail”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Sen. Rob. Portman must vote ‘no’ on deeply flawed Senate health care bill”

Washington Post: “Senate Republicans’ Obamacare Replacement Is Bad For America’s Health”

Catholic Health Association: “Devastating.” More.

American Hospital Association. “Go back to the drawing board.” More.

American Academy of Pediatrics. “Fails children.” More.

California Hospital Association: “Significant step backwards.”

American College of Physicians: “Flawed and harmful.” More.

Seema Verma –

UNITEDHEALTH: KEEP MEDICAID EXPANSION – The country’s largest insurer wants Senate Republicans to preserve Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion as they move forward with a repeal bill, Pro’s Paul Demko reports. “Eliminating the Medicaid expansion and cutting funding will disrupt 14 million individuals by 2026, including nearly 11 million working adults, 3 million individuals with behavioral health conditions, and over 400,000 veterans,” the company warns in a letter sent to Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch this week.

Governing – Where GOP Governors Stand on ‘Repeal and Replace’

Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Health Insurers List Demands if Affordable Care Act Is Killed

AMA Vision on Health Reform

The Center For Community Solutions: District Profiles

Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll 

Pew Research Center: survey from the Pew Research Center 

Quinnipiac University poll showing that 84% of Americans oppose ACA repeal without a replacement

Ohio Department of Medicaid: Ohio Medicaid Group VIII Assessment: A Report to the Ohio General Assembly

The Center for Community Solutions: The Return on Investment of Medicaid Expansion: Supporting Work and Health in Rural Ohio

We are hearing Republican leadership hopes to send additional legislative changes to the Congressional Budget Office for scoring by this Friday.  We are also hearing that the Congressional Budget Office may take up to two weeks to score these new provisions. As a result, we are likely to see another CBO score during the latter half of the week of July 10th.

·       Meanwhile, the Senate Parliamentarian continues to review provisions of the bill to determine compliance with reconciliation rules and may strike some items from the text. However, please note that changes to the bill based on the Parliamentarian’s rulings will occur during the voting process.

·       Given the anticipated timing of a new CBO score, Republican Senate leadership could make a motion to proceed to a vote during the week of July 17th. This would mean that Congress would only have two weeks for the Senate to vote and for the House to concur before August Recess.However, Congress will also have to debate and vote on raising the debt ceiling before they leave for August Recess. This process will affect how quickly the Senate will be able to move for a vote on the reconciliation bill. Congress may vote on raising the debt ceiling as soon as they return from Fourth of July Recess but the precise timing is unclear.

·      Once the Senate returns to the health bill, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will make a motion to proceed to a vote on the House version of the AHCA. If the motion passes, McConnell will likely make an immediate motion to substitute the Senate version of the bill. If the motion to substitute passes, the required 20 hours of debate will begin. After the expiration of the 20 hours, vote-o-rama will begin. As a reminder, vote-o-rama is the rapid series of votes in the Senate on amendments to the legislation. At the conclusion of vote-o-rama, McConnell will make a motion for final passage.

·      It remains unclear whether Republican leadership has the votes for passage and may still not have the votes locked down even when the bill hits the Senate floor. Leadership will be working the Senators to vote yes from now right up to the roll call vote on the floor. Since the Senate will not pass the same bill as the House, the legislation will need to go back to the House for a final vote. If the bill makes it through these steps, Congress would send the bill to the President for his signature.

·      As a final reminder, the availability of the current FY 2017 budget resolution does not end until Congress passes an FY 2018 budget resolution.

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