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Ohioans enrolled in medicaid since expansion

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UHCAN Ohio is working to make sure low-income families across the state have access to affordable health care. They are constantly reviewing and analyzing emerging legislation and educating consumers on the possible impacts of the legislation. When necessary, they rally the troops to action by engaging them in activities like participating in public hearings, writing comments, writing letters to the editor, and visiting their legislators to voice their opinions.

In 2013 and 2014, UHCAN Ohio helped lead the charge to expand Medicaid. We worked with organizations across the state to urge state legislators to approve Medicaid expansion in Ohio. As a result, since January 2014, when Medicaid Expansion was implemented, more than 650,000 Ohioans have enrolled in coverage – that more than six times the amount of people that can fit in Buckeye Stadium!

In 2016, we faced another threat to the Medicaid program, the Healthy Ohio 1115 waiver proposal. If approved, this waiver would have resulted in higher costs for Ohioans and left many without the care they need. In order to make sure the consumers’ voice was heard, UHCAN Ohio mobilized people to speak out at public hearings and submit comments during the public comment period. After significant public outcry in opposition to the waiver, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rejected the waiver.

UHCAN Ohio will continue to make sure that consumer voices are heard when any changes are proposed the Medicaid.



    • UHCAN Ohio assisted 147 individuals and 48 organizations to provide input during the state comment period on the waiver.
    • Co-hosted an information and advocacy webinar with over 150 attendees.
    • Acted as the media’s go-to source for the consumer perspective, accumulating 10 media mentions on the issue since February 2015.


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    • Center for Community Solutions

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