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The Ohio Department of Medicaid released a proposal that would impose barriers on people who depend on Medicaid; over 36,000 people could lose their health care coverage.  However, these barriers are illegal because they are in direct opposition to the purpose of Medicaid. Medicaid’s stated purpose is to enable each state, as far as practicable, “to furnish…medical assistance” to individuals “whose income and resources are insufficient to meet the costs of necessary medical services”.

Submit comments at [email protected] and please copy UHCAN Ohio at [email protected].  Comments are due by the 18th of March (Sunday). You can also provide comments through our survey at ; we will submit your responses as part of our comments.

Everyone needs to speak up!  Tell your story.

Tell how Medicaid keeps you healthy

Tell how losing Medicaid would make it harder to work

Tell how losing Medicaid would make it harder to fight addiction

Tell why you oppose roadblocks to Medicaid – your experience is important. Even if you have never depended on Medicaid, we need you to comment and oppose this waiver.

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