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To help everyone manage the vast information flow around health care, UHCAN Ohio will put together a list of partner resources related to current health care challenges and update the list on a weekly basis.

If your organization has resources or anything else to share, please send them to us at [email protected].

The resources below are organized by topic. Click on a topic to expand the section.

Center for American Progress: The Impact of the AHCA on Veterans: State-by-State Breakdown

CBPP: U.S. Immigrants With Lawful Status Couldn’t Buy Marketplace Coverage Under Senate Plan

National Health law Program: The AHCA Hurts Individuals Affected by the Opioid Epidemic

HPIO: State Policy Options in the AHCA

Center for American Progress: Approximated Employment Effects of the American Health Care Act

Center for American Progress: 5 Ways the Republican ACA Repeal Bill Would Roll Back Progress on Health Insurance Coverage for Low-Income Women

FamiliesUSA: Amendments to House GOP Repeal Bill Only Leave Consumers Worse Off

Young Invincibles The AHCA Continuous Coverage Penalty and Young Adult Coverage

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities:  How the AHCA Would Shift Medicaid Costs to States: 50 State Factsheets with State Costs

A Community Catalyst blog “Moving Backward On Health Equity: Impacts Of The GOP Repeal Bill On Communities Of Color

Families USA: Repealing Essential Health Benefits Means Only the Wealthy Can Afford Good Coverage

CBO SCORE – 23 March 2017

Harvard Business Review: Where Both the ACA and the AHCA Fall Short

Health Affairs: Essential Health Benefits: What Could Their Elimination Mean?

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: If “Essential Health Benefits” Standards Are Repealed, Health Plans Would Cover Little

Report [CBPP]: Updated House ACA Repeal Bill Deepens Damaging Medicaid Cuts for Low-Income Individuals and Families

Blog [CBPP]: House GOP Health Plan Would Accelerate Depletion of Medicare Trust Fund by Four Years

Fact Sheet [Families USA]: How the House Repeal Bill Would Harm Alaska Natives

Center for American Progress: The American Health Care Act is a disaster for women. But it may get even worse.

CBO’s Report on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the GOP Health Care Repeal Bill:

Talking points and infographics on the CBO score:

Blog: AHCA spells fewer choices for consumers, higher costs, and less access:

Talking points on AHCA:

Infographic on how seniors’ premiums will skyrocket under House bill:

Infographic on how lower-income families’ costs will skyrocket under House bill:

Save My Care conducted polls in 4 critical states – Alaska, Arizona, Maine and Nevada polling that shows strong opposition to the GOP repeal bill

National PPP poll – Only 24% of Voters Support GOP Health Care Plan

Commonwealth Fund: ACA Repeal Would Devastate Rural Communities

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: African American Uninsured Rate Dropped by More Than a Third Under Affordable Care Act

Century Foundation: Health Care: Obama Officials Look Back at the ACA and the Path Forward (nice slides on ACA)

Center for American Progress (report): Republican ACA Repeal Bill Would Unravel the Market Even Before It Goes into Effect

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: ACA Repeal Would Lavish Medicare Tax Cuts on 400 Highest-Income Households

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: CBPP Fact Sheet – Ohio

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Introduction to Budget “Reconciliation”

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Repealing Health Reform: The State-by-State Impact

Center for Responsible Federal Budget: The Cost of Full Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Community Catalyst (blog): Dangers of ACA Repeal Blog Series:

Congressional Research Service (report): Legislative Actions to Repeal, Defund, or Delay the Affordable Care Act
Families USA (fact sheet): Defending Health Care in 2017: What’s at Stake?

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (blog): Five Key Points About Budget “Reconciliation”

Families USA: Repeal of the Affordable Care Act = A Huge Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Families USA: Republicans ACA Replacement Proposals Fall Short of Providing the Protections and Care People Currently Enjoy Under the Affordable Care Act

National Academy for State Health Policy: An Overview of ACA Provisions and Their Repeal Implications for States

The Center for Community Solutions: Sweating the Details of Obamacare Repeal

The Century Foundation: Under the ACA Repeal-and-Delay Strategy, Young Adults Could Pay $725 More

Urban Institute: Implications Of Partial Repeal Of The ACA Through Reconciliation

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Census Data Show Large Health Coverage Gains Continued in 2015

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Understanding the Affordable Care Act’s State Innovation (“1332”) Waivers

Kaiser Family Foundation (table): Summary of the Affordable Care Act

Georgetown University CCF: Medicaid Cap: “Carving Out” Medically Complex Kids Won’t Protect Them

Georgetown University CCF: Policymakers, Health Groups and Jimmy Kimmel Say Medicaid Caps Won’t Work  

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (report): Funding for Housing, Health, and Social Services Block Grants Has Fallen Markedly Over Time
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Medicaid Block Grant Would Slash Federal Funding, Shift Costs to States, and Leave Millions More Uninsured

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Per Capita Caps or Block Grants Would Lead to Large and Growing Cuts in State Medicaid Programs

Commonwealth Fund: What Would Block Grants or Limits on Per Capita Spending Mean for Medicaid?

Community Catalyst (video): Block Grants and Per Capita Caps: How They Would Undermine Coverage for 73 Million People

Community Catalyst: Block Grants and Per Capita Caps Powerpoint Template for Advocates [customizable template]

Community Catalyst: Block Grants and Per Capita Caps Would Dismantle Medicaid as [STATE-ians] Know It [customizable template]

Community Catalyst: Block Grants and Per Capita Caps Would Dismantle Medicaid as We Know It

Community Catalyst: Talking Points for State Policymakers on Block Grants and Per Capita Caps

Families USA (fact sheet): Block Grants: A Bad Idea for Medicaid

Georgetown Center for Children and Families: Top Five Threats to Children and Families Posed by a Medicaid Block Grant

Kaiser Family Foundation: Overview of Medicaid Per Capita Cap Proposals

The Center for Community Solutions: A New Approach to Financing Medicaid? Block Grants, Per Capita Allotments, Shared Savings and the State Budget

Families USA: There’s No Painless Way to End the Medicaid Expansion

Blog [Families USA]: If Republicans End the Medicaid Expansion: Arizona’s Cautionary Tale

Changing Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion would set back a successful program: (waiver waiting approval)

 Indiana’s Medicaid expansion waiver:  (waiting approval of renewal)

Here’s a tool to argue against 1115 expansion proposals that would include things like premiums, work requirements, etc.

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Medicaid Expansion Producing State Savings and Connecting Vulnerable Groups to Care

The Center for Community Solutions: An Update on the Extension of Medicaid

Brandeis University: Federal Medicaid Eligibility by Child Race/Ethnicity Under the Affordable Care Act and Proposed Repeal

Community Catalyst Rolling Back Progress: Medicaid Cuts Would Deny Children of Color Access to Care, blog

Community Catalyst: Trump Budget Attacks Low-Income Communities, States Budgets, Children, blog

Community Catalyst: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS): MA Taskforce Report Offers Path to Advancing Parent and Infant Health, blog

Community Catalyst: The American Health Care Act is a Barrier to Good Health for Moms and Families, blog

Community Catalyst: American Health Care Act’s Medicaid Plan Is Bad Medicine for Families

AAP & Georgetown CCF – How Medicaid, CHIP and the ACA Cover Children

First Focus – Medicaid: Cost-Effective Coverage that Works for Kids

School Superintendent’s Association – Cutting Medicaid: A Prescription to Hurt the Neediest Children

Community Catalyst (blog): Repealing the ACA Puts Children at Risk

Virginia Voices for Children: State Medicaid Expenditures for School Based Health Services OpEd

Georgetown Center for Children and Families (CCF) state snapshots and Medicaid Is a Smart Investment in Children

Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicaid and Children with Special Health Care Needs

Center for Law and Social Policy: Children Need Health Insurance—So Do Their Parents

Center for Law and Social Policy Top Five Ways ACA Repeal and Medicaid Financing Changes Would Harm our Youngest Children

Center for Law and Social Policy Webinar: Threats to the ACA and Medicaid: What’s at Stake for Children

Children’s Dental Health Project Toolkit: Why Dental Coverage Matters

The Washington Post:  The remarkable thing that health insurance does for poor kids

Urban Institute: Partial Repeal of the ACA through Reconciliation: Coverage Implications for Parents and Children