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To help everyone manage the vast information flow around health care, UHCAN Ohio will put together a list of partner resources related to current health care challenges and update the list on a weekly basis.

If your organization has resources or anything else to share, please send them to us at

The resources below are organized by topic. Click on a topic to expand the section.

Center for American Progress: Approximated Employment Effects of the American Health Care Act

Center for American Progress: 5 Ways the Republican ACA Repeal Bill Would Roll Back Progress on Health Insurance Coverage for Low-Income Women

FamiliesUSA: Amendments to House GOP Repeal Bill Only Leave Consumers Worse Off

Young Invincibles The AHCA Continuous Coverage Penalty and Young Adult Coverage

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities:  How the AHCA Would Shift Medicaid Costs to States: 50 State Factsheets with State Costs

A Community Catalyst blog “Moving Backward On Health Equity: Impacts Of The GOP Repeal Bill On Communities Of Color

Families USA: Repealing Essential Health Benefits Means Only the Wealthy Can Afford Good Coverage

CBO SCORE – 23 March 2017

Harvard Business Review: Where Both the ACA and the AHCA Fall Short

Health Affairs: Essential Health Benefits: What Could Their Elimination Mean?

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: If “Essential Health Benefits” Standards Are Repealed, Health Plans Would Cover Little

Report [CBPP]: Updated House ACA Repeal Bill Deepens Damaging Medicaid Cuts for Low-Income Individuals and Families

Blog [CBPP]: House GOP Health Plan Would Accelerate Depletion of Medicare Trust Fund by Four Years

Fact Sheet [Families USA]: How the House Repeal Bill Would Harm Alaska Natives

Center for American Progress: The American Health Care Act is a disaster for women. But it may get even worse.

CBO’s Report on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the GOP Health Care Repeal Bill:

Talking points and infographics on the CBO score:

Blog: AHCA spells fewer choices for consumers, higher costs, and less access:

Talking points on AHCA:

Infographic on how seniors’ premiums will skyrocket under House bill:

Infographic on how lower-income families’ costs will skyrocket under House bill:

Save My Care conducted polls in 4 critical states – Alaska, Arizona, Maine and Nevada polling that shows strong opposition to the GOP repeal bill

National PPP poll – Only 24% of Voters Support GOP Health Care Plan

Century Foundation: Health Care: Obama Officials Look Back at the ACA and the Path Forward (nice slides on ACA)

Center for American Progress (report): Republican ACA Repeal Bill Would Unravel the Market Even Before It Goes into Effect

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: ACA Repeal Would Lavish Medicare Tax Cuts on 400 Highest-Income Households

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: CBPP Fact Sheet – Ohio

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Introduction to Budget “Reconciliation”

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Repealing Health Reform: The State-by-State Impact

Center for Responsible Federal Budget: The Cost of Full Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Community Catalyst (blog): Dangers of ACA Repeal Blog Series:

Congressional Research Service (report): Legislative Actions to Repeal, Defund, or Delay the Affordable Care Act
Families USA (fact sheet): Defending Health Care in 2017: What’s at Stake?

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (blog): Five Key Points About Budget “Reconciliation”

Families USA: Repeal of the Affordable Care Act = A Huge Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Families USA: Republicans ACA Replacement Proposals Fall Short of Providing the Protections and Care People Currently Enjoy Under the Affordable Care Act

National Academy for State Health Policy: An Overview of ACA Provisions and Their Repeal Implications for States

The Center for Community Solutions: Sweating the Details of Obamacare Repeal

The Century Foundation: Under the ACA Repeal-and-Delay Strategy, Young Adults Could Pay $725 More

Urban Institute: Implications Of Partial Repeal Of The ACA Through Reconciliation

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Census Data Show Large Health Coverage Gains Continued in 2015

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Understanding the Affordable Care Act’s State Innovation (“1332”) Waivers

Kaiser Family Foundation (table): Summary of the Affordable Care Act

Blog [Families USA]: If Republicans End the Medicaid Expansion: Arizona’s Cautionary Tale

Changing Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion would set back a successful program: (waiver waiting approval)

 Indiana’s Medicaid expansion waiver:  (waiting approval of renewal)

Here’s a tool to argue against 1115 expansion proposals that would include things like premiums, work requirements, etc.

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Medicaid Expansion Producing State Savings and Connecting Vulnerable Groups to Care

The Center for Community Solutions: An Update on the Extension of Medicaid

AARP: AARP submitted to the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee in support of Medicaid and in opposition to structural changes such as block grants or per capita caps.

Community Catalyst (blog): Repealing the ACA without a Replacement Plan Hurts Seniors

Community Catalyst: How Repeal of the ACA Will Hurt Older Americans

Justice in Aging: Repealing the ACA Hurts Seniors

Blog [Families USA]: Medicaid Cuts Could Cause Grave Harm to Seniors and People with Disabilities