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Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage

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Dental Care

We need to take our oral health a lot more seriously.


Community Health Workers

Community Health workers With new coverage options available under the Affordable Care Act, including the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio, more Ohioans now have the opportunity to maintain continuous health coverage. UHCAN Ohio wants to ensure that coverage leads to better health and a reduction of racial and ethnic health disparities. Thus, for the past

Health Insurance Marketplace

Health Insurance Marketplace Do you need health coverage? Shop the Health Insurance Marketplace. UHCAN Ohio’s approach to outreach and enrollment is based on creating an infrastructure of sustainable faith and community-based sites in communities of color and using trusted people and organizations to provide outreach, education, enrollment assistance, follow-up, and health literacy information. We recruit


Medicare / Medicaid – MyCare Ohio

Medicare / Medicaid – MyCare Ohio The Ohio Consumer Voice for Integrated Care (OCVIC) is a coalition led by UHCAN Ohio to assure that the managed care plans meets the needs of the adults on the MyCare Ohio Plan. MyCare Ohio is a demonstration program that coordinates physical, behavioral, and long-term care services for individuals



Medicaid Do you know if you are you eligible for Medicaid? We can help you find out. UHCAN Ohio is working to make sure low-income families across the state have access to affordable health care. They are constantly reviewing and analyzing emerging legislation and educating consumers on the possible impacts of the legislation. When necessary,


Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient Centered Medical Home UHCAN Ohio is working to incorporate the voice and thoughts of patients and families into the design of care through patient-centered medical homes (PCMH). This means building a feedback loop into the design of PCMH. UHCAN is working to help PCMH create effective patient-family advisory committees that can provide meaningful input into the


Value-Based Insurance Design

Value Based Insurance Design UHCAN Ohio’s Affordability Project exists to learn from consumers managing chronic illness how their health insurance does or doesn’t protect them from high co-pays and deductibles. With the Affordable Care Act, the insurance market has changed dramatically. People who used to be priced out of the insurance market altogether due to

youth substance

Youth Substance Use

Youth Substance Use We all want young people to be healthy and have a great future, but too often, alcohol and other drug use among young people are overlooked or ignored rather than treated like the health issue it is. Use of alcohol and other drugs by adolescents significantly increases risk of addiction over the lifetime. Because