UHCAN Ohio’s mission is to achieve high quality, accessible, affordable health care for all Ohioans.



  • We envision UHCAN Ohio as a large and diverse state-based organization addressing and influencing health policy issues through a stronger consumer voice built in a larger political, social and economic context.
  • We envision UHCAN Ohio as adept at communicating, networking and partnering with a variety of community stakeholders advocating for better quality care.
  • We envision UHCAN Ohio recognized by policymakers, industry stakeholder and consumers as a key inside policy player, consumer advocate and resource for improving access and quality of care.


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Patients, consumers and concerned Ohioans must play a central role in health care at all levels from individual encounters with providers to the design of health systems and the creation of health policy.

Note: They have a generic "Health History Questionaire."

American health care financing and delivery must be simplified because much of the current unnecessary complexity benefits health sector corporations and providers at the expense of individual patients and the community.

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Health care must be reformed in ways that move towards health care justice, both social justice and economic justice.

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Health care is both an individual good, whose costs and benefits affect the individuals receiving care, and a public good, whose costs and benefits have public impacts.