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Affordable Health Care is Around the Corner for Hundreds of Thousands of Ohioans


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“The re-election of President Barack Obama makes the future of the Affordable Care Act clear. Already millions of Ohioans are benefitting from the law and affordable health care is around the corner for hundreds of thousands more Ohioans when the law is fully implemented in 2014.

Consumer Advocates Push For Active Health Insurance Exchange

 Health care advocates said failure to implement a key provision of the new federal health care law in Ohio would be a waste of taxpayer resources.

 During a news conference Thursday, Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage urged the Kasich Administration and GOP lawmakers to develop a health insurance exchange, or online marketplace designed to help consumers shop for plans and link them with public subsidies for coverage.

Washington Comes to Cincinnati to Discuss Better Care

Each day, health care advocates like me struggle to bring the voices of people who have encountered health care problems to the policymakers who make the decisions that affect our care and our lives. Earlier this month, some of those policymakers came to us in Cincinnati to hear what we had to say.

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