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Republican Proposal to Repeal and Replace Health Care Helps Rich and Hurts Poor

Republican Proposal to Repeal and Replace Health Care Helps Rich and Hurts Poor

Last night, House Republicans unveiled their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Until now, the bill has been kept under lock and key. There has been no opportunity for public input on the bill or for estimates of how the bill will affect people. Members of Congress don’t know how many people may lose coverage under this proposal or how much premiums will increase, but they will soon be asked to vote on the bill in committee.

A few of the provisions included in the bill:

  • The bill will effectively force states to end Medicaid expansion by cutting federal funding. The 700,000 Ohioans who gained coverage through Medicaid expansion will stand to lose access to health care.
  • Per-capita caps to Medicaid funding will shift costs to the states, leading to state budget shortfalls that will force states to cut Medicaid eligibility and benefits. More than two million Ohio children, older adults, and people with disabilities will be at risk of losing coverage or having fewer covered services.
  • The bill will reduce the tax credits that help moderate-income families afford coverage.
  • Premiums and out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles will rise, especially for older adults, because the bill allows insurance companies to charge higher premiums than under the Affordable Care Act.
  • The bill provides health savings accounts, which benefit the rich more than middle- or low-income Americans.
  • Cuts to Medicaid and tax credits for low- and middle-income people under this bill make it possible to cut taxes for the rich, insurance companies, and insurance CEOs.

This proposal takes health coverage from the poor and gives money to the rich.


If your member of Congress is listed below, they are on one of the committees that will soon be voting to move this bill forward. Call and tell them not to cast a vote on this bill before the Congressional Budget Office has an estimate of whether people will lose coverage or pay more for coverage under this bill. Tell them not to vote for this bill unless the Congressional Budget Office says more people will be covered under this bill than under the ACA.

  • Congressman Tiberi (District 12)—Ways & Means – (202) 225-5355
  • Congressman Renacci (District 16)—Ways & Means – (202) 225-3876
  • Congressman Latta (District 5)—Energy & Commerce – (202) 225-6405
  • Congressman Johnson (District 6)—Energy & Commerce – (202) 225-5705

Click here to find your member of Congress. All Ohioans should also call Senator Portman at 202-224-3353 and ask him not to support this bill that puts the health of millions of Ohioans at risk.