Ohio and the ACA Medicaid Expansion

As many people know, the U.S. Supreme Court, in its June 28 decision on the ACA, upheld the entire law, with one important exception: The Court invalidated the penalty that would withhold all federal Medicaid funding for any state that refused to implement the law’s Medicaid expansion. (It’s important, however, to note that the law’s requirement to expand Medicaid still stands. However, the penalty for failing to do so was removed.)

Medicare Fact and Fiction

As pundits and politicians continue to discuss the deficit, misinformation and confusion about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act abound.  All too often, facts seem to be drowned out by fiction. Particularly since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable care Act, we are hearing a lot of misinformation about the law and its impact on Medicare.  As these Myths make news — and old Myths make news again — the Center for Medicare Advocacy will respond with facts and information

It's National Health Center Week!

If you’re a fan of health care reform and you’re looking for something to celebrate, look no further.  August 6-10 is National Health Center Week. What a feel-good celebration ! Community health centers enjoy bi-partisan support. And there are good reasons why.

Affordable Care Act Upheld! Consumers Win!

Several dozen Central Ohioans gathered in front of the Rhodes Tower for a Celebration/Press Conference of victorious Supreme Court decision on June 30, 2012.

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