Some Year-End Cheer

Many of us in the advocacy world have been quick to point out examples of things we’d rather 

Thirty-eight Days to Filing Deadline—Will Ohio Apply This Time for an Exchange Grant?

The lunchtime question was simple enough when put to Ohio’s Medicaid Director at last week’s Voices for Ohio’s Children’s conference.  “When will Ohio move forward on the Exchange?”  The answer, however, left something to be desired.  The answer:  the Administration is currently reviewing its Exchange options in light of the outcome of Issue 3. 

What Connects the Super Committee to the 99%?

What Connects the Super Committee to the 99%?

The Bush-era tax cuts, of course! Yesterday, the Congressional “Super Committee,” charged with finding $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions declared defeat in meeting this week’s deadline. And observers note that what kept them from finding common ground, ultimately, was the insistent Republican demand that the Bush-era tax cuts be continued -- and the equally insistent demand by Democrats that the tax cuts be allowed to expire.

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