WEBINAR RECORDING: Implementing SBIRT in a School Setting

The purpose of this webinar was to discuss how SBIRT can be applied in a school setting. Kathleen Gmeiner will discuss SBIRT programs being in done in schools and other youth settings in various parts of the U.S. Kathy Strasser will discuss how SBIRT was introduced into the Norwood City Schools, including issues related to workflow, tools, parent consent and involvement, motivational interviewing, referrals to treatment, and results of Norwood’s first year (2014-15).

This webinar is targeted to school administrators, educators and health personnel, to substance misuse prevention and treatment specialists, and persons working with youth.

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Public News Service Article: Personal Approach to Targeting Teen Alcohol, Drug Use

Originally appeared here.

November 5, 2015 - Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH

Alcohol use can impact academic performance. Credit: mcconnors/morguefileCOLUMBUS, Ohio – It is often a challenge for almost anyone with substance abuse problems, especially teenagers, to reach out for help.

NPR's Marketplace Features Series on Dental Therapists

A Push to Improve Dental Access - 10/14/15

You’ll hear from  Dave Couture whose back pain forced him to leave his job in an accounting office in Vermont. “Pretty much the whole story is that when you lose your job, you lose your insurance, you lose your ability to take care of your teeth,” he said.  “Especially your teeth.”  

Hygenists Seek new Role As Dental Therapist - 10/21/15

In this story Sandy Joslin a dental hygienist says that if the dental therapist bill passes in Vermont “I could contribute more to a profession that I’ve really loved,” she said. “It’s been too difficult to hold onto that pride. I need to have something more, have a little more autonomy and I think that helps anybody.”

PRESS RELEASE: New Survey Shows that Voters Believe “ACA is Here to Stay”; 81% of Ohioans Support Medicaid Expansion

Survey Shows that Voters Believe “ACA is Here to Stay”; 81% Support Medicaid Expansion
Elected Officials Need to Improve Law; Not Repeal It

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