2011 Health Care Changes Brings New Medicare Benefits

2011 Health Care Changes Brings New Medicare Benefits -

WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland interviews Senator Sherrod Brown about the new medicare benefits.

New Year, New Health Care Rules

January 3, 2011

DENVER - It's a new year, and there are new regulations for health insurers which benefit consumers. As of January 1, insurers must spend a minimum of 80 cents of every health-care dollar on patient care, with a maximum of 20 cents going to things like administration and profits.

Jo Donlin, director of external affairs with the Colorado Division of Insurance, says that doesn't mean insurance companies won't make money.

Young Invincibles Is Looking For Young Adult Health Care Leaders

Young Invincibles is a national organization committed to mobilizing and expanding opportunities for all young Americans between 18 and 34 years of age. Y.I. has focused extensively on health care reform and implementation and is looking for youth leaders to help us extend our work at the state level.
The fight for affordable health care for all is not over- many of the most critical decisions will be made by the states over the next year. We need committed, experienced advocates to serve as our Health Care Liaison in Ohio.

Health Care Reform is a Good Thing. Join Us 1/11/11 So We Can Keep It.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1:30 pm

Capitol Theater Lobby, 3rd floor of Riffe Center.

(77 South High St., Columbus, Ohio)


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