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Don’t Miss It: Former Insurance Exec Turned Activist, Wendell Potter, in Ohio to Expose the Dental Crisis

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Wendell Potter is Coming to Ohio May 12-14th

Who is Wendell Potter?

He's a former insurance industry PR executive turned whistle-blower and activist whose new mission is to do whatever he can to shed light on the injustices in the health care industry. He's been featured on PBS and in publications like Newsweek. He's also a contributor to the Huffington Post. One of his main areas of activism is on the issue of dental access in the United States.

Check out this 2 minute video to get a taste of what Wendell Potter will talk about during his 3 day visit to Ohio.

Register now to see Wendell Potter share his insight and experiences about the dental access crisis in United States and Ohio and learn what you can do to help solve the problem here in Ohio.

Sign Our Petition! Bring Dental Therapists to Ohio

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Help us meet our next goal of getting signatures from the 84 Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA’s) in Ohio

Supreme Court Decision Could Take Away Financial Help for Over 234,000 Ohioans Enrolled in Markplace in King V. Burwell Decision

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

King v Burwell Threatens Ohio, the Nation

Michele Jawando, Vice President of Legal Progress for the Center for American Progress and Cathy Levine, Executive Director, UHCAN Ohio and Co-Chair OCHC.
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Consumers, consumer advocates and a legal expert today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to ignore the flimsy arguments of plaintiffs in the case of King v Burwell and confirm that Congress intended all Marketplace plan enrollees to receive federal subsidies when it passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010. 

 “Having health issues that require a lot of treatment –for me, the Affordable Health Care Act was a blessing,” said Kamari Odai, a substitute teacher who is not provided health coverage by his job. Watch Kamari’s video at http://bit.ly/1vUMukc

Thanks for a Successful Dental Access Now! Advocacy Day!

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Advocacy Day! Now is the time to bring Dental Therapists to Ohio! #FillTheGap

Yesterday, dozens of advocates from across the state gathered in Columbus to meet with lawmakers and to call for more dental providers. Many of the advocates are from Ohio’s 84 Dental Health Professional Shortage areas, where there are simply not enough dentists to meet the needs in the community. 

“One measure of good oral health care is access to dental professionals. On this measure Ohio is failing,” said David Maywhoor, project director of Dental Access Now!. “We have communities that have no dentists. We have communities where there are no dentists who serve Medicaid patients and our safety net clinics have long waiting lists. The need for care is simply greater than Ohio’s current dental workforce.”

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