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National Day of Action Today to Protect Health Care

National Day of Action Today to Protect Health Care

Today, April 19, is a National Day of Action to protect health care. Here are two things you can do:

  1. Join us on Facebook Live at noon today for a ten-minute update on ongoing threats to health care. Republican members of Congress and President Trump are still working to sabotage health care. Watch live at noon or call in at (641) 552-9112, access code 570430#.
  2. TODAY, call your members of Congress and tell them to fund cost-sharing reduction payments. Many people who buy Marketplace plans get help paying for their deductibles and copays. Insurance companies are required to provide this assistance in return for payments from the federal government, but Congress refuses to fund those payments. Insurance companies will either raise premiums or stop offering Marketplace plans entirely. Congress must stop sabotaging health care and fund these payments.

Here’s how to call your members of Congress at their offices in Ohio:

  • Click here to find your member of the House of Representatives and call them at their office near you.
  • Call Senator Portman in Cincinnati (513-684-3265), Cleveland (216-522-7095), Columbus (614-469-6774), or Toledo (419-259-3895).
  • Call Senator Brown in Cleveland (216-522-7272), Cincinnati (513-684-1021), Columbus (614-469-2083), or Lorain (440-242-4100).

Thank you for raising your voice to protect our care!