Open Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace Starts Nov. 15th!

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Important Dates:

November 15, 2014: Open enrollment starts for the Health Insurance Marketplace

December 15, 2014: Last day to enrollment and pay your first month's premium for coverage to start on January 1, 2015.

February 15, 2015: Last day to enroll in the Marketplace for 2015. 

Open enrollment, the time when health insurance companies allow new people to buy coverage, starts November 15, 2014 and lasts through February 15, 2015. If you purchase a health insurance plan before December 15, 2014 and pay your first month's premium, you will be able to start using your plan on January 1, 2015.

You might already meet the requirement and not have to do anything if you currently have coverage through:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Your employer

If you're not insured through any of those ways, you will be able to buy coverage through the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

916,000 Ohioans will qualify for a subsidy, financial assistance that will help you pay your monthly insurance costs. A single person making under $46,000 or a family of 4 making under $94,000 will qualify for some type of financial help to help pay monthly insurance costs and for some Ohioans event out of pocket costs. . The less a person or family makes the more their subsidy will be.

  • Click here to visit the Kaiser Family Foundation's subsidy calculator to get an estimate of how much of a subsidy you will receive 
  • Click here to get an idea of the plans being offered in your area.

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