UHCAN Ohio has adopted Community Catalyst’s approach to advocacy.  UHCAN Ohio builds the voice of consumers to shape health care policies and develop solutions to meet Ohioans’ needs by informing and uniting consumers and their allies to influence decision makers. Each of these 6 capacities is essential to successful advocate for policy change. UHCAN Ohio builds each of its projects based on these 6 capacities.


Coalition and Stakeholder Alliances

Build, expand and maintain strong coalitions and networks that represent a broad range of consumer interests, and bring different assets, missions, perspectives, constituencies, relationships and strategies to work collaboratively toward a common goal.


Communicate the right message to the right audience to build timely public and political support for an issue or position and to counter opposition.

Resource Development

Raise and appropriately allocate dedicated and unrestricted funds in support of an advocacy campaign and to sustain advocacy work over time.

Grassroots Organizing

Engage community members who are affected by public policy decisions or systemic problems to put a human face on an issue and to build leadership at the local level. Grassroots can provide important input and feedback on policy approaches and campaign ideas.

Policy Analysis & Advocacy

Analyze complex legal and policy issues, conduct research and develop sound policy solutions. Strong policy analysis provides organizations with the data and context they need to develop winnable policy campaigns, identify key constituencies, and engage allies in the work.

Campaign Development

The ability to plan and coordinate advocacy campaigns is essential to shape policy decisions and outcomes. Campaign development brings together all the capacities and orchestrates the involvement of partners and allies to take advantage of opportunities to advance a consumer health agenda.

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