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Help us build a coordinated consumer voice in making sure that health care reform results in quality, affordable care for all Ohioans

Health Care Reform is happening in Ohio and we are in the thick of it! UHCAN Ohio has built a broad coalition of consumer organizations that is well represented in public/private efforts to create a more effective, efficient, patient-friendly health care system.

Health care reform is under attack, at the national and state level. We need a sustained voice sticking up for consumers who need the security that quality, affordable health care will be there for them if they lose a job, start a business,  get sick or – heaven forbid – have a pre-existing condition.

Here are 4 ways we will use your donation:

To support our lobbying activities: as a charitable organization, we are allowed to lobby for legislation that supports our public policy goals. But we can’t use grant money for lobbying. So we need “unrestricted” funds – donations – to support this activity.

To support our expanded Consumer Navigation Assistance program: We are expanding our information and referral activities to help uninsured and under-insured Ohioans find affordable health care resources and solve other challenges.

To support our Storybanking activities: In order to change public policy, we need to convince policymakers and the public about the need for change. And the most powerful tool for changing minds is STORIES of real Ohioans who are struggling to find and pay for quality, affordable health coverage and health care.

To support our Web site: which provides up-to-date information on UHCAN Ohio issues and activities, and with up-to-date implementation and statewide activities information.

Here are ways your donation will give back to you:

  •  Timely, critical information on health care reform

  • An organized voice for diverse consumer interest at the table with representatives of insurance companies, providers, employers and other interest groups

  • Public forums and action alerts on relevant health care issues and campaigns

  • Networking of activists from around the state to impact health policy in Ohio and nationally

  • Participation in national health care advocacy on behalf of consumers

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