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Patients Demanding Better Care at Bedside + Beyond

  • 1.7 million infections associated with health care...
  • 100,000 deaths caused by medical errors...
  • Millions of patients readmitted to hospitals because they didn’t get follow-up care...
  • Billions of dollars, wasted.



  • Want to see how your local hospital stacks up to others or the national average when it comes to "hospital-acquired infections"?  Map your hospital here. 



Hospitals should help us heal, make us better, and put us on the road to recovery – or to the very best health that is possible. 

Too many hospitals are unhealthy places where patients are exposed to infection, endangered by fragmented care, and discharged without follow-up services.  Especially for older patients and those with multiple health problems, this can be dangerous or even deadly. 


That’s why we’re supporting the new federal Partnership for Patients and launching our own Healthy Hospitals Initiative.  We will ask all our local hospitals to sign the pledge and meet the national goals for safer and better coordinated care.  But we’re doing even more: 


·      We will organize patients and families to monitor progress and fight for real, lasting change.

·      We will bring patients and families to the table to work with hospitals as partners to improve care.  No hospital can truly achieve patient-centered care without directly involving patients and families.

·      We will build a powerful force to urge lawmakers to help us improve care and save money.  Paying for poorly coordinated care and medical errors costs all of us more.  We need to use our Medicaid and Medicare dollars to ensure better, safer and more affordable care.


The Ohio Campaign for Better Care is working to ensure that every patient has quality, coordinated, affordable health care.


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Healty Hospital Initiative Handout

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