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Congress Revives Trumpcare Again, Targets Pre-Existing Conditions

Congress Revives Trumpcare Again, Targets Pre-Existing Conditions

Once again, House Republicans are trying to revive their failed Trumpcare bill, this time with changes that could take away coverage from even more people, including people with pre-existing conditions. Click here for a refresher on what the original bill would mean for Ohio.

A change to the bill would allow states to request an exemption from rules that protect consumers. People with pre-existing conditions could again be charged much higher, unaffordable premiums, and insurance plans would no longer be required to provide “essential” services like maternity care and mental health care. There could be even more harmful changes that we don’t yet know about.

The House of Representatives will try to bring this bill to a vote next week when they return from recess.

Remember to take every opportunity to let your members of Congress know how important real health care is. We may be calling on you to raise your voice louder if the House moves forward with this bill.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us to protect our care.