Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient Centered Medical Home

UHCAN Ohio is working to incorporate the voice and thoughts of patients and families into the design of care through patient-centered medical homes (PCMH). This means building a feedback loop into the design of PCMH. UHCAN is working to help PCMH create effective patient-family advisory committees that can provide meaningful input into the way care is provided.


    • Fifteen patient family advisory committees (PFAC) are trained and function to provide meaningful quality improvement feedback to patient centered medical homes.
    • The Office of Health Transformation supports the design of patient centered medical homes that include meaningful engagement of patients and families.
    • A mechanism is created to enable two-way communication with members of CAC to contribute to advocacy that improves access, affordability, and quality of healthcare.
    • The Office of Health Transformation creates a state innovation model committee on health equity.


    • The Office of Health Transformation incorporated changes to the PCMH model that reflected UHCAN Ohio comments on the relationship with consumers, including getting input and sharing the results of surveys and quality improvement efforts.
    • UHCAN Ohio worked with Community Catalyst to create training material and guidance for patient and family advisory council training.

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