Cathy Levine

Ohio and the Federally Facilitated Exchange –Not a Disaster for Ohio Consumers, But Not the Best We Can Hope For

On November 16, the Kasich administration released a letter they sent to the federal government stating that Ohio was declining to set up its own Health Exchange, but rather it would let  the federal government operate Ohio’s Exchange.

The Mid-term Election Was Not a Mandate to Repeal Health Reform: A Message From Cathy Levine, Executive Director of UHCAN Ohio

Dear friends,

There’s no way around it: the mid-term election results were not great news for supporters of health care
reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But, nor were the elections a mandate to repeal reform.

Last night was about the economy, disenchanted voters staying home, and many other factors that will be
analyzed to death in years to come. But it was not a referendum on the Affordable Care Act.

Policy analyst Peter VanVranken wrote today:

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