July 2012

Update on Ohio’s Integrated Care Plan for Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiaries – It’s Moving, and It’s Time for Consumers and Advoc

Where we’re at: The Kasich Administration’s demonstration proposal to integrate care for dually eligible beneficiaries still appears to be on the fast track. The federal government has reviewed public comments and is working out details with the administration. It looks like Ohio’s plan may get approved soon, with enrollment starting in April 2013.

Families USA Releases "Worry No More" Report About Ohioans with Pre-existing Conditions

The Worry No More report data shows that pre-existing conditions do not discriminate. More than 1 in 4 non-elderly Ohioans has a pre-existing condition. For Ohioans aged 55-64, 1 in 2 has a pre-existing condition.

Poor, middle class and higher income Ohioans have similar rates of pre-existing conditions. People in rural, urban, and suburban areas have pre-existing conditions. And, Ohioans of all races experience pre-existing conditions with white Ohioans having a slightly higher rate of 29%.