July 2011

Consumer Engagement: Putting the Patient in “Patient-Centered Care”

Have you ever had the same medical test repeated twice or more because your different doctors didn’t share the test results?  Have you left a doctor’s office confused about what was said or what you were supposed to do? Did you ever feel like you didn’t have all the information you needed to make a decision about surgery or other treatment? Join the club.

Older Adults and Others with Multiple Chronic Conditions Get Uneven Care That Costs Too Much

Opponents of Health Reform File “Freedom from Healthcare” Petitions – Do They Speak for the Whole Republican Party?

Last week, opponents of the Affordable Care Act filed their petitions to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, prohibiting Ohio from requiring citizens to purchase health coverage  --and much more ( the amendment is drafted so broadly that it will, at minimum, create jobs for lawyers).

Most legal experts agree that Ohio can’t exempt itself, by constitutional amendment or otherwise, from a federal law such as the Affordable Care Act. So why is it important to stop this constitutional amendment?

Lt. Governor Swings at the Affordable Care Act – and misses.

On Friday, June 24 2011, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, who also serves as director of Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI), released a vitriolic attack on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). A sanitized version appeared in the July 2nd Columbus Dispatch.