Call Your Members of Congress – No Repeal Without Replace

Congressional Republicans plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving nothing in its place. With no replacement, more than 20 million people will lose health coverage, and the rest of us will lose rights to fair health insurance.

It’s not too late to make your voice heard, but you must speak out this week. Reach out to Senator Portman today and tell him not to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a clear plan for something better.

Contact Senator Portman at 202-224-3353 or at this link, then ask your friends, family, or anyone who thinks health is important to call too. You can also call your Representative.

Please send us an email at [email protected] and let us know you called.

Tell Your Affordable Care Act Story

In 2017, many of our rights to health will be under attack. The Affordable Care Act has helped 20 million people get health coverage and has protected critical consumer rights to health insurance.

Did you get health insurance through the Health Care Marketplace or expanded Medicaid?

Have you or a family member been able to gain or keep health coverage through a parent’s health insurance plan due to being less than 26 years old?

Did you get health insurance that would previously have been denied or too expensive due to a pre-existing condition?

If so, we want to hear from you. We need to know how this important protection is helping you stay healthy so we can spread the word. Please tell us your story in the form below.



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Tell Your Legislator You Support Legislation to Increase Access to Dental Care

You can meet either either at the district level or at the Statehouse. We will provide materials, background and data and be available if you need, to accompany you to the meeting or to debrief after the meeting.


Please go here to find your Ohio Senator or House member and contact David Maywhoor, Project Director at 614-456-0060 ext.225 or [email protected] who will help you set up an appointment.