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The Ohio Campaign believes that if we can make health care work for older adults and people with multiple chronic illnesses… then we can make it work for everyone.

  • By 2030, 1 in 5 U.S residents will be above age 65, and;
  • 77% of older adults currently have multiple chronic conditions.
  • We know that older adults and those with multiple chronic health conditions
    • make the heaviest use of health care 
    • with the poorest outcomes, 
    • suffer the greatest challenges, 
    • and pay the highest cost

But they deserve better!

Better Care for Dually Eligible Ohioans:

The top priority for the Ohio Campaign for Better Care is to ensure that older adult Ohioans who are enrolled in both Medicaid and Medicare receive better care at lower costs in Ohio’s new demonstration project to integrate care for dually eligible Ohioans. (See Cathy Levine's blog on Duals).

Ohio Campaign for Better Care is a powerful grassroots movement striving to transform health care delivery by mobilizing the voices of older, chronically ill adults and family caregivers to ensure that seniors receive the high quality, comprehensive, family-centered, and coordinated care they desperately need.


We have two simple goals:

  1. To make improvements in the health care system so that it delivers high quality, comprehensive, and coordinated care to vulnerable older adults, people with chronic conditions, and their families and caregivers 
  2. To build a strong and lasting consumer voice for better health care by mobilizing consumer advocates, older adults, and their families.

We go beyond the statistics about chronic illness to put a human face on the complicated issue of health care, to mobilize and engage patients and families to fight for the care they want and need, and to bring the voice of the consumer to policy debates over health care reform and how to implement any new legislation.

Join us today, and make health care better for everyone.


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Stories are the heart of the human experience. They are an influential way to bring the human element back into any issue, and health care reform is no exception.  When you tell a story about how health care impacts your life, people listen.  They come to know you and what is important to your family.  Share your story here, and change health care for the better.  Your story is your most powerful weapon.


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I would love to show my commitment for health care that works for older adults by:

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